Aug 2021: Our study with Dr. Zhang lab at BCM was supported by DoD CDMRP!

Jun 2021: Our collaborative R01 with Abdel-Mohsen lab at Wistar was awarded by NIAID! Thank you!
Jun 2021: First bone-targeting antibody. Check out our recent Sci Adv paper.
Apr 2021: Our Welch research program was successfully renewed! Thank you!
Apr 2021: We received a 3-year R21 grant from NCI! Thank you!
Apr 2021:Yuda was awarded the Nettie S. Autrey for exceptional PhD research at Rice Unviersity. Congrats!
Aug 2020:Yuda was awarded the Marjory Meyer Hasselman for exceptional studies in the field of Chemistry. Congrats!
Aug 2020:: Kuanlin won the Stephen C. Hofmann Award. Congrats!
Aug 2020:: Unnatural Organism with 5HTP. Check out our recent Chem paper.
Jun 2020: Single atom change to prepare photosensitizers. Check out our recent Chem Sci paper.
Apr 2020: First Tetrazine-based photoactivatable dyes. Check out our recent Chem Sci paper.
Sep 2019: Do you need a thio to turn on your dye? Check out our recent JACS paper. about thio-caged dyes
Sep 2019: We received a 5-year Maximizing Investigator's Research Award (MIRA) for Early Stage Investigators (R35) from NIGMS!
Mar 2019: Axel passed his QE, Congratulations!
Nov 2018: Our pClick technology is featured in Rice News, Medical Express, TMC NEWS, Laboratory Equipment, TECHNOLOGY NETWORKS, CNU, BIONITY@Germany.
Nov 2018: Chenfei & Juan's paper in Bioconjugate Chemistry is accepted! Congratulations Chenfei & Juan!
Nov 2018: Our collaborative work with Prof. Sherry Gao was funded by the Hamill Innovation Award from the Hamill Foundation. Thank you!
Nov 2018: Dr. Xiao wins a John S. Dunn Foundation Collaborative Research Award from Gulf Coast Consortia. Thank you!
Aug 2018: Dr. Xiao is now a joint faculty member in Department of Bioengineering, Rice University.
Mar 2018: Yuda's paper in ChemComm is accepted! Congratulations Yuda!
Mar 2018: The Xiao Lab received funding from the Welch foundation. Thank you!
Feb 2018: Dr. Xiao is a new affiliated PI at Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering (IBB), Rice University.
Jul 2017: Dr. Xiao is named a Norman Hackerman-Welch Young Investigator.
Jul 2017: Dr. Xiao is a new affiliated PI at Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology (SSPB), Rice University.
Jul 2017: Dr. Xiao is now a joint faculty member in Department of Biosciences, Rice University.
Jul 2017: Xiao lab starts in BRC, Rice University.
Mar 2017: Dr. Xiao accepts a faculty position at the Department of Chemistry at Rice University.
Feb 2017: We received a CPRIT faculty recruitment award to support our cancer research. Thank you CPRIT!