Han Xiao
Principal Investigator
Email: han.xiao@rice.edu

Research Assistant

Emely Guijon
Research Assistant
Email: emely.guijon@rice.edu
Yiming Guo
Research Assistant
Email: yg76@rice.edu
Summer Xia
Research Assistant
Email: mx11@rice.edu

Postdoctoral Fellows

Han Sun
Email: hs72@rice.edu
Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.
Sreenivas Banne
Email: lw65@rice.edu
Chongqing University, Ph.D.
Shichao Wang
Email: sb162@rice.edu
University of Macau, Ph.D.
Yu Hu
Email: yh101@rice.edu
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Ph.D.

PhD Students

Linqi Cheng (2022 class)
Email: Linqi.Cheng@rice.edu
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, B.S.
Yixian Wang (2021 Class)
University of Bristol, B.S.
Rui Liu (2021 Class)
College of William & Mary, B.S.
Mengxi Zhang (2021 Class)
Xi'an Jiaotong University, B.S.
Chenhang Wang (2021 Class)
ShanghaiTech University, B.S.
Shudan Yang (2020 class)
Email: Shudan.Yang@rice.edu
University of California San Diego, M.S.
Chenfei Yu (2017 class)
Email: chenfei.yu@rice.edu
University of Science and Technology of China, B.S.

Undergraduate students

Anna Chung
Email: ayc6@rice.edu

Catherine Lee
Email: cyl3@rice.edu

Charles Lee
Email: cgl5@rice.edu

Nischal Ada
Email: na32@rice.edu